For Beauty Industry Professionals, by Beauty Industry Professionals


The Story Of

Recognizing a Need

During the early stages of running Be Inspired Salon, our founder, Kati Whitledge, discovered a pain point many industry professionals face — failing to know if their marketing efforts are truly working.

Beauty industry professionals spend thousands on marketing tactics every year. Still, with a new client retention rate of 30% throughout the industry, it’s hard to know if we’re actually keeping most new clients.

Becoming the Solution

The solution? Create a resource that empowers business owners to better themselves, their team, and their clients. That solution originally became Meet Your Stylist, a fun, easy, and accurate match-making technology designed for salons, hairstylists, and their clientele.

Since then, Meet Your Stylist has evolved into mya, the proprietary match-making software serving hairstylists, barbers, and estheticians throughout the beauty industry. 

Where We Are Now

mya has now helped hundreds of professionals across the beauty industry grow their businesses through better first-time experiences. By pairing people based on their skill set, budget, personality and lifestyle preferences, mya creates lasting relationships that keep both sides coming back for more.

“My purpose is to offer the best career path possible for those choosing the beloved beauty industry. mya provides beauty business owners the opportunity to grow their revenue by putting heart into the center of their interactions.” — Kati Whitledge, Founder

What We Believe

mya was created to help beauty industry professionals build their perfect clientele. We believe everyone should have confidence in their appearance, so we strive to create unique experiences that cater to each client’s personality, budget, love language, and lifestyle preferences.