Marketing and Customer Retention Software

For Barbers

An intuitive match-making software that helps barbers and barbershops build their perfect clientele.

Creating Connections That Convert

Confident customers are the ones who know what they want before coming in. Confident barbers are the ones who know what their customers want before they come in. Utilizing mya on your website can instill confidence in your customers and barbers by ensuring everyone gets what they need out of the experience. That’s a win-win scenario resulting in mutual satisfaction and better business relationships.

Build Your Customer Base

A customer without a trusted barber longs to have one, but often, word-of-mouth and online research only go so far. Our intuitive technology creates unique experiences that cater to each customer’s personality, communication preferences, budget, and style choices. After a first-time visitor books an appointment, they’ll walk through the door confident their experience will be perfect. And just like that, a fresh new customer-barber relationship is born.

Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

Nobody wants to see a customer leave their business. With mya, you can put an end to bad experiences and guest attrition by making each visit a cherished experience. Barbershop loyalty soars when customers and barbers know what they’re getting from every visit. That’s a match made to last.

Increase website
engagement by up to 36%.
Convert up to
55% of your matches.
Increase average
tickets by up to $40.00 per visit.

What Happens
as a Result?

Barbershop loyalty soars

Client retention solidifies

Gratuities increase

Product sales spike

Referrals pour in

Barber using customer matching software