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Hairstylists are empowered when their company offers them the opportunity to join mya because it allows them to determine who they do their best work with. mya gives hairstylists the knowledge of their clientele’s hair type, hair services, and personality styles. The power of the connection is in the hairstylists’ hands.

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Confident customers are the ones who know what they want before coming in. Confident barbers are the ones who know what their customers want before they come in. Utilizing mya on your website can instill confidence in your customers and barbers by ensuring everyone gets what they need out of the experience. That’s a win-win scenario resulting in mutual satisfaction and better business relationships.

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Imagine having the ability to know your client before they walk in the door for the first time. With mya, estheticians get the power to prepare for appointments immediately with information and preferences gathered directly from their clients. That means replacing the awkward “blind date” experience for first-time visits with more time evaluating, recommending, and ultimately astonishing clients.

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Nail Technicians

Do you feel nervous to meet a new client? Are having consultations an uncomfortable feeling? Never worry again when a client comes in having matched with you through your mya matchmaking survey! You've done your part in choosing your perfect clientele and mya will pair you with those you'll do your best work with.


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No problem — mya is dynamic and made for people like you. Let us know more about what you do, and we’ll get back to you shortly with ideas on how mya could help your business.

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