The Top Sales Mistakes You May Not Realize You’re Making: Part 2

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Stylist giving client hair consultation

Welcome back! If you’ve been following along with our blog and emails, you know that we recently started a short series dedicated to the top sales mistakes salon owners may not realize they’re making. If you haven’t seen them, no worries! I will give you a quick a recap of part one and then dive into part two!

Let’s start with the recap! The first sales mistake you may not realize you’re making is not asking for a sale. Salon owners, managers and stylists all have a job in sales, whether we like it or not. Strong sales drive your revenue, so you need to become comfortable getting into the sales mindset. One way to do that is to simply start asking your clients for a sale; it really is that simple!

For more tips on how to ask for that sale, check out part one of this series.

Alright, now onto the next top sales mistake!

Mistake #2: Failure to Listen

You may not think you have an issue, but many of us struggle with thinking while someone is talking to us. We all lead busy lives, and we have this eager ambition to get on with the appointment. We want to share everything we have to offer without stopping to think if what we are offering is right for our client.

We get too excited to share what we want to say, and we forget to stop and listen to what our clients have to say. To solve this problem, you should strive to become an active listener. Everyone likes (and deserves) to be heard, and as a stylist you are in a great position to be able to provide that extra touch of customer service by actively listening to your clients.

Not only are you making your clients feel valued, but by taking time to truly listen, you will discover your clients’ pain points and frustrations. This knowledge will help you provide better solutions that help solve their problems, whether that’s a different cut or a new product!

Tips for Becoming a Better Listener

Becoming an active listener is definitely a learned skill. Here are some easy tips and tricks to keep in mind for your next appointment.

  1. Ask your client how they feel about their current hair style and if they are experiencing any issues or would like to try something new.
  2. Take a pause and listen to what your client is saying. Maintain eye contact and provide nonverbal affirmations such as a head nod or smile.
  3. Keep your thoughts focused on your client and avoid interrupting them. You want to avoid thinking of your answer before your client has finished speaking. Patience is key!
  4. After your client is done speaking, summarize what they said to let them know you were listening.
  5. Provide your advice and recommendations. And don’t forget to always ask if they are good to go with your recommendation or if they have any questions!

Part of being a good salesperson is listening to your client! You will have a better sales success rate if you take time to listen and identify products and services that your clients truly need. Check back for the next blog article where I will discuss the third, and final, big sales mistake you don’t realize you’re making!

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