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Join our seven-figure salon owners mastermind group, one-on-one coaching, online events, and more! We provide comprehensive support to owners—helping them increase their revenue, apply systems and processes, implement effective marketing strategies, recruit the best team members, and improve their overall operations.


In-Salon Workshops

We provide in-person workshops custom to the needs of your team.

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One-on-One Coaching

Personalized 60-minute zoom sessions with our Founder and Entrepreneur, Kati Whitledge!

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Success Stories From Professionals Like You



"In between mentoring sessions, mya's Beyond the Technique podcasts keep me continually learning. There are so many usable tips and tricks they share!"

Kate Smith | Owner 29Ten Salon


Seven-Figure Salon Owners Mastermind Group

Level-up by surrounding yourself with other successful owners who have been there, done that, and continue to get bigger and better every year.

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Online Events

Invite your team to our upcoming web events hosted by our Founder, Kati Whitledge!

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Why Hire A Business Coach

Who taught you how to run a business? For most, the answer is, no one! Most of us dive head first into the deep end and it’s sink or swim. We get it because we’ve been there! Our Founder, Kati Whitledge, hired her first business coach in 2012. Within her first year of coaching, her salon’s profit grew by over 838%! That’s not a typo friends. It was a matter of learning and implementing new ideas.

Kati once heard, if you don't know where you'll be next year, you're already there. If you have a big goals and desire direction, an experienced perspective, successful strategies, and accountability, then one-on-one coaching is the right path for you!


There are three ways we can work together.


First, we can visit your salon for an in-person workshop. Who doesn’t love education when it focuses on personal and professional growth?!


The second way we can work together is through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions!


We offer a high-level Seven-Figure Salon Owners mastermind group. Hear the best ideas, biggest challenges, and gain additional perspectives from other successful owners across North America who are just like you.

Meet Your Mentor

Kati Whitledge is a lover of the beauty industry, business, marketing and psychology. Here's a quick overview about Kati!

  • She's started four beauty industry brands
  • employs over 30 individuals
  • invests in real estate
  • married to Anson
  • has two kids, Nash and Veda
  • is a follower of Jesus and serves as a worship leader and in the pre-k children's ministry
  • lifts weights 4 days per week, loves cycling, Pilates, and regularly practices yoga (and is a certified instructor—for fun!)
  • volunteers through her church for a variety of missions.
  • loves helping owners go from working in their business to working on their business.



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