Social Media Ads that Drive New Clients to Your Salon

Who is running social ads these days?
Join us to find out!

WHEN: May 8th, 12PM PST | 3PM EST

I once heard that successful people do consistently what other people do occasionally. If your company is competing with other top-tier salons, spas, or barbershops, then it's pivotal to have a dominating presence online and on social media. So, to answer the question about who's running social ads these days? The short answer is, whomever wants it more.

  • During our web event together, I'm going to show you two top performing social media ads that drove hundreds of new clients to a salon.
  • You will see what photos work best, what captions grab your target market's attention, what call-to-action to use, how much money you should spend, and what kind of return you should expect.
  • Finally, a deeper look into a topic that has gone stagnant for the last few years!