How Does Client Matching Build Lasting Loyalty for Your Salon Business?

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In the competitive landscape of the salon industry, fostering lasting client loyalty is crucial for long-term success. Yet, achieving this loyalty is about more than just offering exceptional services. It's about understanding and meeting each client's unique needs before they even walk into the salon.


This is where client matching comes in! Client matching is a strategic approach that goes beyond mere transactions to cultivate personalized experiences. But what exactly is client matching, and how does it contribute to building enduring loyalty for your salon business?


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What’s the Problem with Booking Appointments the Traditional Way?


The world of salons thrives on personalized experiences. Imagine a client walking into a salon with a vision for a dream haircut or makeup look, only to leave unsatisfied because the stylist wasn't entirely on the same page. Unfortunately, this customer is less likely to return, costing the salon huge customer churn rates.


But why exactly does this happen? Here are a few reasons:

  • Limited communication: Describing a desired style over a phone call or just through a reference picture can be challenging for a client. They might struggle to articulate their vision in the right words, leading to misunderstandings.
  • Client-stylist mismatch: Not every stylist is a pro at all styles. Booking based on availability alone can result in a client being paired with a stylist whose expertise doesn't align with their needs.
  • Wasted time and effort on both ends: Both clients and stylists can experience frustration due to the wasted time and effort on both sides.
  • Inefficiency for busy salons: Traditional booking often involves juggling appointment bookings, phone calls, and looking for available stylists at the last minute. This may result in confusion, misunderstandings, and missed appointments for both stylists and clients.
  • Costs incurred due to the mismatch: Yes, that’s right. You could incur a lot of indirect costs because of dissatisfied clients. These clients rarely return, meaning a lost revenue opportunity. And if the client decides to come back for a re-do, the salon again incurs additional costs.
  • Negative online reviews: All of these factors don't just stop with a client leaving and not returning. Unsatisfactory customer services result in negative reviews on your salon's website, social media, and more. This, in turn, can impact your salon's reputation and deter potential new clients.


Mismatches between clients and stylists create a negative experience for everyone involved. Clients leave unhappy, stylists feel discouraged, and the salon loses a potentially loyal customer.


How Is Client Matching a Good Solution?


Now that we’ve established the limitations of the traditional way of operating your salon, let’s look at the solution to this problem.


Client-stylist matching is a sophisticated approach that pairs clients with the perfect stylist based on many factors beyond just availability. These factors may include the client’s expectations, desired style, budget, personality traits, and lifestyle preferences.


Client matching by mya uses a survey system that gathers information about a client's:


  • Desired Style: This is the main purpose of the match and ensures the client is paired with an expert stylist who is adept at achieving the client’s desired style.
  • Budget: Knowing a client's budget allows the salon to pair them with a stylist who offers services within their price range, avoiding post-appointment surprises.
  • Personality and Lifestyle: Understanding a client's preferred salon experience (relaxing vs. high-energy) and lifestyle habits (frequent visits vs. special occasion styling) helps match them with a compatible stylist.


How Can Client Matching Build Customer Loyalty for Your Salon?

Two barbers doing haircuts for men in a men’s hair salon

Client matching fosters long-term client loyalty by creating a win-win situation for both clients and stylists. Here's how:


Personalized Consultations

With client matching, each visit becomes a personalized consultation tailored to the customer's needs and preferences. Stylists can delve deeper into the client's desired style and specific concerns.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By connecting clients with stylists who genuinely understand their vision and requirements, client matching ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. Clients no longer have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, they receive personalized attention and service that exceeds their expectations.

Improved Customer Retention

Client matching fosters a sense of loyalty and belonging as clients build trust and rapport with their assigned stylist over time. This bond strengthens with each successful appointment, reducing the chances of clients looking for alternatives elsewhere.

Fewer Client-Stylist Mismatches

When clients are matched with the right stylist from the get-go, there's less need for consultations or adjustments during appointments. This improves overall salon efficiency.

Streamlined Booking Process

Client matching further simplifies the booking process, making it more efficient and user-friendly for both sides. With personalized recommendations at their fingertips, clients can visit the salon knowing they're in good hands.

Increased Trust and Confidence

Finally, when clients feel understood and valued by their stylist, they automatically start to trust the salon. Matching clients with the right stylist instills a sense of confidence and assurance that the stylist is not just skilled but is also genuinely invested in the client’s requirements.


This mutual trust serves as the basis for a solid client-stylist relationship, ensuring long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

mya Can Help!

Client churns can be frustrating, especially because of the mismatch between client expectations and stylist’s expertise. At mya, we’re here to bridge that gap and help your salon build lasting relationships with your clients.


Mya offers client-matching software, where we provide a survey quiz for salons to help them match clients with the right stylists. This quiz goes beyond just hair type or desired style and delves deeper into factors like budget, personality, and lifestyle preferences.


This in-depth analysis ensures clients connect with the perfect stylist who understands their unique needs and vision. The result? A more positive first experience that lays the groundwork for long-lasting client loyalty.


Not stopping with just that, we also offer automated re-marketing campaigns that cater to the needs, schedules, and preferences of your existing clients, helping to retain them effortlessly.


Are you ready to transform your salon’s retention rates with mya’s client-stylist matching software? Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how our software can help you scale, grow, and retain clients like never before!