How to Make a Perfect Match for Valentine’s Day

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The biggest Hallmark holiday is almost here! Many women (and men) will get dolled up for the evening, spend money on chocolates and flowers, and enjoy a nice evening out. In general, holidays and special occasions provide businesses with great marketing opportunities to promote their services. And Valentine’s Day is no different – especially if your salon uses Meet Your Stylist!

To maximize all the benefits of Meet Your Stylist, you need to promote it to your clientele. And with Valentine’s Day approaching, you have a very creative way to do just that!

In fact, one of our top Meet Your Stylist salons is running a fabulous Valentine’s promotion – and we want to share it with you! Mindy Stegall, Owner of Cloud9 Spa, is running a promotion for all first-time guests who fill out the survey and “meet their perfect match for Valentine’s Day.” Every new guest who participates is offered the choice between a complimentary haircut with any color service or a complimentary conditioning treatment with a haircut. Check out their promotional flyer below!

valentine's day promotional flyer

We absolutely LOVE the creativity in this promotion. Winter months tend to be slower for our industry, so offering a complimentary service is a great way to add value to your guests’ first experience—without offering a discount which devalues your services.

The other great thing about this promotion – and Meet Your Stylist – is that it takes away the “first time fear” that guests have when going to a new salon. By offering a survey that matches them to a stylist who is compatible with them, it eliminates the fear of going to a new salon. Plus, you capture more emails – total bonus!

How to Make This Promotion Work for You

If you’d like to use a similar promotion for your business, we have a few easy options to help you get the most out of this idea before the holiday.

  • Create a Facebook or Instagram ad with an image that speaks to your audience. Make sure you include text that clearly communicates what is being offered, and don’t forget to add your unique Meet Your Stylist link!
  • Send out an email to your client list! Again, make sure to use an image that works with the holiday promotion, include all the details, and the link!
  • Create a flyer or promotional printout to have displayed at your salon leading up to the big day.
  • Add the promotion to your website. Change out the header on your home page, or add a pop-up that shows off your promotion. Check out the super cute promotion from Cloud9 Spa below:

MYA website promotion example

We hope this inspires you to create your own promotional events for your salon! If you are interested in running social media ads, but need some guidance, Meet Your Stylist offers social media advertising services for salons!

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