Retain Clients When A Stylist Leaves!

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Have you had a team member leave your business and their clients followed them? We’ve all been there. It’s painful for sure. But it doesn't have to be the end.

Your stylists could be leaving for a variety of reasons. Perhaps one of your stylists is taking advantage of the opportunity to lease their own space, or maybe a team member is stepping away from their time behind the chair to focus on family. Regardless of the reason, they've decided to leave because they felt the timing was right for them.
Our advice? Don't take it personally. It's easier said than done, of course, but when one of your stylists decides to part ways with your salon, it's important to support their decision.
Losing a team member is one thing, but losing the consistent business of their loyal clients is another challenge.
There’s still an opportunity to win those clients back! In fact, most clients do not want change. How do we know that? When studying the DISC personality profiles, we’ve found that the majority of people are high S’. Which means they are steady, they want stability. They avoid conflict and they avoid change! 

This means, your clients would really love to stay at your business–if only they could make that connection with someone else on your team that would be a good fit for them.

That’s where mya comes in! Our proprietary matchmaking process pairs clients with their ideal stylists in a genuinely authentic and sustainable way. When clients complete the mya survey, they'll receive stylist recommendations based on skill set, budget, personality and lifestyle preferences.
Clients receive three matches after completing the survey, allowing them to choose the stylist they feel most comfortable with. Imagine if each of your clients had three stylists on your salon team they could trust and rely on. What would that mean for your salon business?
Lisa Justiss, owner of DV8 the Salon and Elixir Salon in Texas, has experienced firsthand how impactful mya is for her business.
"We are going through transitions like many salons...stylists moving on," says Justiss. "As team members decide to explore new opportunities, it's been incredible to invite our clients to meet their next favorite stylist at DV8! I love that it's inviting and fun for our clients, and it eases the difficulty of the situation for both our clients and our DV8 team."
You can send the mya survey to the entire client list of your retired stylist, providing every one of their clients with the opportunity to find their new favorite stylist at your salon. Will you lose a few clients in the process? Perhaps. But you'll be surprised at how many clients will appreciate the opportunity to stay in a salon that feels like home, especially when they know they're in good hands.
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