Seven-Figure Owners Club

Live Large & Level Up


Join a group of Seven-Figure Owners from across North America in the pursuit of growing themselves and their businesses.

Are you a Seven-Figure  Owner?

Do you tend to surround yourself with people who are smarter, faster, and doing big things in life?

Do you always push your business to the next level and look for ways to do something unique, impactful, or innovative? Then, YOU are the perfect fit for our Seven-Figure Club!

Wouldn’t it be nice to ask trusted industry owners who operate at the highest level how they’d handle a situation or how they’d go about executing a new idea? Absolutely! That’s what being a part of the Seven-Figure Owners Club is all about.

This group is a safe place where you can be 100% real with owners who operate like you do. We require 100% confidentiality among members, so everyone feels secure in sharing their ideas, questions, and challenges.

Our Seven-Figure Club is sponsored by mya and facilitated by our brilliant Founder and CEO, Kati Whitledge.

In addition to the expertise shared among your peers with the Seven-Figure Club group, we bring outside gurus and experts to share their wisdom with the entire group. How would you like to be in a room with Billionaire businessman, Brad Sugars?! What if you could ask him any question you’d like. What would you ask him? I once paid $5,000 to have dinner with Brad. He gave me advice that I’ll never forget. To this day I still quote what I’ve learned from him. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is, “if you don’t know where you’ll be a year from now—you’re already there”.

You won’t stay stuck or complacent when you’re among high-performers like the owners in our Seven-Figure Club.

We meet on the third Monday of each month at 3pm EST/12pm PST.  

Your investment is $2997 for the year or $299 per month. We are accepting a maximum of twenty owners into the Seven-Figure Club because this gives everyone the opportunity to share their challenges and ideas and get high-level advice.

Upon acceptance into the SFC, you will be added to our private Asana channel! There, we will share monthly zoom links, messages, tasks, handouts, resources, and all group communications are held within Asana.

Do you know an owner that you truly wish would be a part of this group with you? Share this link with them and tell them to apply!


Apply Now!

Your investment is 2997 per year or 299 per month 

  • We specifically choose a industry brands with revenues exceeding or close to a million dollars.
  • There will be multi-location brands and single location brands!
  • We choose the innovative over the elite! We want driven leaders joining, regardless of status or years in the game.
  • We want owners to join who love learning but also love sharing their business magic with others. 
  • We meet every third Monday of the month at 3pm EST/12pm PST.
  • We use Zoom for each meeting so we can see each other on video.
  • We message participants prior to our meeting and prepare topics, ideas or challenges that will be discussed at the upcoming meeting.
  • When certain topics are presented that require outside expert advice, we source high-level guests to join our meeting!
  • We do NOT have monthly topics. This really sets us apart from other groups. We always mastermind about topics that are the CURRENT needs of our members.
  • Since the goal is to level up and grow our businesses, we always meet with the goal of advancing our business pillars such as leadership, financial, marketing, operations, recruiting, systems, processes, education, training, sales, promotions, strategy, and implementation.
  • This is an annual commitment. Please apply only if you’re ready to devote yourself to business growth throughout the entire year.
  • Participants must be representing their salon during each meeting. Representing other businesses or interests isn’t cool and won’t be allowed.
  • Commitment is key. Therefore, a maximum of two conferences missed per year are allowed without recourse. If additional meetings are missed, we’ll have to open up your spot to a new committed member.
  • We need each member to be authentic, open and eager to support each other.
  • Be engaged in communication through our private Asana channel leading up to and in-between meetings.